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The gate is a mobile system of hydraulic barrier, which is placed on a natural watercourse or on a channel to adjust the outflow and thus the flow. It works by changing the area of free cross section which can be crossed by the water.

Generally, a gate is formed:

  • diaphragm in metal, wood or concrete, reinforced by beams and ribs

  • vertical guides , along which runs the diaphragm

  • manual type mechanism using a hand wheel, electric mechanism using a motor or a hydraulic mechanism using a cylinder.

CAMU offers a wide range of gates according to the needs and designed according to the latest standards:
Flat gates: formed by a diaphragm, a guide and mechanisms (beam supporting mechanisms, handling and driving screws or hydraulic cylinder).
Flap gates: the diaphragm is hinged on the threshold and the cylinder moves it upwards.
Radial gate: the arms of the diaphragm are hinged on guides and the cylinder lifts the diaphragm upward.
Clapet gates: the diaphragms or a part of them open in the flow direction allowing the water to flow only in one direction
Slide gate: the guides are watertight boxes that do not allow water to escape. Usually the movement is effected by a cylinder
Watertight manholes: in size upon request, they provide a water-tight even with significant pressures. They are hinged on the side allowing manual opening.
Stop log: made of wood, iron or aluminum they are moved by a beam from a float and hoist.

All our products are made of welded steel or aluminum, painted or galvanized.

The hydraulic power units and control panel PLC control are provided on site, installed and tested.

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