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Since 1968 CAMU is synonymous with reliability and safety in mechanical engineering. After the acquisition of know-how of the Mechanical Workshops Lenzi ,Trento, in 1995, CAMU is entrusted with the design, construction and installation of technological solutions for mechanical and hydroelectric sectors.

The activities of the company today are taking place mainly in the fields

  • Design and construction of equipment for hydroelectric plants, aqueducts, drainage systems, irrigation and water treatment;

  • Manufacture of machinery and mechanical medium and heavy structural elements;

  • Mechanical machining contractor for medium and large size chip removal mainly in the steel, paper, material handling and cement industry.

The CAMU plant occupies an area of 8800 sqm, of which 3500 covered.

CAMU now provides a unique service in terms of custom design, applied technology and technical content of the plants, factors which equally contribute daily to the construction and testing of our products.


CAMU S.r.l. – Via Aldo Moro, 3 – 38062 ARCO (TN) - ITALIA
Tel. + 39 0464 516778  |  Fax +39 0464 518634  |  P.IVA: 00160080222  |  CAP.SOC: 10.000 €  |  info@camulenzi.com

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