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Hydrolettric plant HP 2,4 MW

Supply and installation of electromechanical equipment for hydroelectric plant thus formed:

N.2 Kaplan turbines, 1,2 MW/each, completed with synchronous generator

Electromechanical equipment 1
N.2 flap gates
N.1 flat gate for bottom spillway
N.1 Hydraulic system
N.1 Electrical panel

Electromechanical equipment 2 
N.4 flat guard gates
N.2 Hydraulics system to controll guard gate and units
N.1 Electrical control panel
N.1 Monitoringl, protection and automation electrical panel

Electromechanical equipment 3 
N.1 Ranking machine
N.4 filtration grids
N.2 Ultrasonic level sensores
N.3 Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

Electromechanical equipment 4
N.2 Draft tubes – White hydraucone

Electromechanical equipment 5
N.2+2 guide for the flap gates
N.3 steel piers
N.2 guides in front at the flat gate of the sandtrap
N.4+4 guides for the guard flat gates
N.5 stop logs in front at the bottom spillway 5,0x1,2 mt
N.6 stop logs in front at the guard flap gates 4,0x1,2 mt
N.1 lifting beam


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