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Screen Cleaning Machine and grids

The racking machine is an electromechanical device that automatically removes the debris accumulated against a grid. It is an essential complement to the intake before the penstock of the hydroelectric plant.

Typically it is driven by hydraulic cylinders that move a comb mounted on an arm hinged at one end. The comb that in a first time is moved away from the grid and lowered into the water until the limit switch, at a later time is approached to the grid and lifted making it run along the same.

The comb is made up of a series of tines, which engage the spaces between the bars that form the grid. The mass of the debris is lifted up to the head of the grid and discharged into a groove or on a conveyor belt. These systems deliver the material in containers for easy transport and disposal.

The other types of screen cleaners mounted with self-propelled structures on rails, or consisting of a toothed chain, are divided into screen cleaners to active stroke and passive stroke. The first carry out cleaning work from the top downwards, bringing all the material to the bottom, by means of a bucket with a movable valve , by tightening the bucket and going with the material retained. The stroke passive screen cleaners rather run the race descent vacuum (away from the grid, they are close to the grille on the bottom and run the race cars through cleaning a comb).

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